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The Best Ways To Get HVAC Leads Online

A growing business depends on gaining satisfied customers. Although HVAC peak demand may be seasonal, you need new leads all year round to fuel success. Most people will find you online, so focus your lead generation there.

These four strategies are proven winners for HVAC leads:

  • Facebook ads
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • The Google Guaranteed program

All four options expand your reach and name recognition in complementary ways. If your online presence needs a boost, consider these reasons to do it now:

  • You get valid leads for people needing HVAC services in your area. Targeted advertising improves conversion from interest to booked jobs. The right ad campaigns give you a greater return on your investment.
  • You keep up with your competition. Most customers search online for an HVAC company. Use digital ads and SEO to help them find you.
  • You can capitalize on social media to effectively promote your company. Most people use social platforms, and most American homes and businesses have air conditioning. That potential customer with a broken AC is probably checking Facebook.

Next, let's look at how each lead-generation system can benefit you.

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#1) Get HVAC Leads from Facebook Ads

Leverage the most popular social media platform by generating leads with Facebook ads. To begin advertising, you need a Facebook business page. If you don't have one, take the time to create this essential marketing tool.

One of the benefits of Facebook ads is that you can target your audience to a micro-level. As an HVAC business seeking customers in a defined service area, you can zoom in on your ideal audience. The better your advertising reaches this market, the better your conversion rates.

You can define your customer attributes such as location, language, age, and gender and even specify zip codes in your HVAC service area. To drill down further, use the detailed targeting field to include or exclude people based on demographics and interests.

Are you seeking new customers and also to re-engage existing followers? Facebook's connections option lets you select or deselect your current audience. For example, you could attract new leads with one ad and target repeat customers with a second ad featuring a promotion.

Choose Your Ad Types

Facebook offers different types of ads and continues to create more. Here are some formats to help your HVAC business get noticed:

  • Image. A classic image ad is a great way to start with Facebook advertising. Liven up yours with a promotional offer or an eye-catching photo.
  • Video. Video ads engage viewers, and you can feature them in News Feed and Stories.
  • Carousel. Carousel ads rotate through up to 10 images or videos. They are ideal for showcasing the services you offer or testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Slideshow. Slideshow ads provide video impact with faster mobile loading. You can create video shorts from existing clips, images, and text or choose from Facebook's photo collection.
  • Instant experience. These full-screen mobile ads load lightning fast. Use them with a call to action.
  • Lead. You can gather potential customer contact details via lead ads for mobile. After clicking on your ad, users see a form where they can easily submit their information.
  • Messenger. This app has over 1 billion users. You can reach the people in your area by displaying your ad on Messenger. You can easily configure this option when building your ad.
  • Stories. These mobile video ads are vertically formatted so that users don't have to rotate their phones to watch them.

Control Your Spending

One advantage of Facebook ads is that you control the amount you spend, which makes this platform suitable for HVAC companies of all sizes. Your ad presence can grow along with your business.

Some ad types require a higher minimum cost to get started. Facebook will inform you so that you can plan the best campaign possible on your budget.

Get Your Ads Noticed

Your ads need to compete with all the other Facebook content clamoring for user attention. Go bold and keep basics in mind:

  • Display information relevant to users looking for your services. Include your service, location, and hours.
  • Clearly state the value you offer. For example, you are a top-rated HVAC company running a summer special.
  • Include a call to action. Should the potential customer phone? Watch your video? Submit an email address?
  • Convey your message in under two seconds. Most users will glance at your ad before accepting your call to action or moving on.

#2) Get HVAC Leads from Pay Per Click 

Pay-per-click advertising through Google and Bing is a lead-generation system based on auctioning prime ad spots. The system charges you only when users click on your ad, so you are not spending on blind advertising.

In PPC, you bid on search engine keywords by specifying how much you are willing to pay per user click. You compete against other advertisers wanting the same keywords, and the winner gets the most desirable ad placement.

For example, let's say you bid on the keyword phrase "ac repair". If six other HVAC businesses in your service area also bid on it, your amount should beat theirs to win the prime spot.

Bing and Google display your ad above the organic search results. If you target the right keywords, users clicking through should be looking for an HVAC company in your area.

Several factors influence where Google and Microsoft place ads. Success at these items will boost your odds of a top spot:

  • Your ad and website use keywords relevant to search terms for your industry.
  • Your bid compares favorably with other bids for the same keywords.
  • Your ad has a strong history of clicks.

You can set up your ad to target an audience in your HVAC service area. If you sell parts or other items online, you can create one with a broader reach. You can run several ads and configure them as needed for your unique business.

It's important to know if your PPC campaign is getting results. Microsoft and Google provide monitoring tools to help you get the best return on your investment. You can check:

  • How often your ad appeared
  • The number of ad clicks
  • Your spending
  • Your average cost per click
  • Reports to evaluate campaign performance

Google Ads

Google is the largest and most heavily used search engine in the world. It pays to use Google Ads, which will appear when people search on keyword phrases related to your content. Your HVAC ads can entice mobile, tablet, and desktop users to call you with one click.

To keep within your budget, you can set a monthly spending limit for your Google Ads. The platform estimates results at your price point and offers suggestions for better performance. Reporting and analytics tools provide ongoing feedback.

Bing Ads

Bing advertising displays when people use the Microsoft Bing search engine. If they search on your HVAC keywords, they will see your ad above the organic search results. You can configure when and how your ads appear, including the time of day, geographic region, and user demographics.

About 36 percent of desktop searches are through Bing, and more occur through the larger Microsoft Search Network. In addition to Bing, the network includes Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and third-party search partners. Users often access it through Windows, Microsoft Office, Cortana, and some Apple device features.

Bing makes it easy to start small and grow your campaign as your business grows. After signing up for free, you can set a daily spending limit or create a budget.

#3) Drive Website Traffic Utilizing SEO

An optimized company website can draw in potential customers. When users search for an HVAC professional in your area, you want your website displayed on the first page of results. SEO improves your search engine ranking and boosts the odds of landing on page one.

The good news is that improving your SEO is free. However, seeing increased traffic can take time. Optimizing your website is a great strategy to execute in parallel with an ad campaign.

Not so long ago, precisely chosen keywords determined whether search engines would favor your site. Today, content quality and relevance drive ranking. Search engines can better interpret what users are searching for and evaluate whether your site's content delivers.

How do you boost your website's ranking? The number one method is by offering useful content that includes relevant keywords. Search engines can detect whether sites are mainly linkbait. Strengthen your position with helpful information appropriate to your business.

Include content that tells the user:

  • What your company offers
  • About your company
  • Positive reviews and awards
  • Actionable tips in blog posts

Make Your Site User Friendly

Search engines evaluate the experience users are likely to have on your website. Potential customers visit your site for help, and your content should quickly address their questions and how to contact you. Once they call, you can do the rest.

Search engines expect these best practices:

  • Relevant photos and graphics
  • Clear and consistent navigation
  • URLs that make sense
  • Informative headings
  • Accessible design
  • Interactive features that are easy to use

Your website should include intuitive contact methods, such as a form and your phone number displayed in the header. One-click call and email options encourage people to act quickly before overthinking.

 Use an opt-in approach where users specify that you can contact them. This strategy prevents misunderstandings and increases trust. When you reach out, you can be confident that the user is likely interested in your services.

Include the Right Keywords

Keyword choice still influences your website rankings. Even if you don't have analytics at your fingertips, you can identify effective keyword phrases. Here are some ways to start:

  • Search bar auto-complete. When you begin typing in the browser search bar, your search engine will generate a list of suggestions to complete your phrase. This list contains relevant keywords that are good starting points for HVAC terms.
  • Related searches list. When you search, you may notice that the search engine creates a list of related phrases below your results. You can mine these phrases for useful keywords.
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner. If you use Google Ads, you can leverage the Keyword Planner tool to generate keyword ideas and PPC bid suggestions. It's an excellent starting place when planning your first Google Ads campaign.
  • Google Search Console. This free tool provides a snapshot of how Google views your website. It also tells you which searches display your site in results. Use Search Console to help optimize your site or understand the process if you've outsourced SEO.

#4) Google Guaranteed - The Untapped Source for HVAC Leads

Google Guaranteed is a program that certifies local businesses such as HVAC. The endorsement shows in your Google Local Services ad with a green checkmark that users see immediately. It helps build trust between you and potential customers.

You must be a member of Google Local Services to apply for Google Guaranteed. The program refunds customers up to $2,000 if they are unhappy with a job booked through Local Services. Potential customers feel more confident doing business with companies bearing the Google Guaranteed badge.

Local Services Ads

To become Google Guaranteed, you must participate in Local Services ads. This Google offering serves businesses such as HVAC that rely on local customers. Unlike with PPC campaigns, you only pay for valid leads. This approach saves you money and nets you a higher percentage of users likely to convert to customers.

Local Services ads target local communities and display the essential business information customers need to know. The service builds ad content from the company profile you create when signing up. When users click on your ad, they see your complete profile.

Your Local Services ad profile typically includes these elements:

  • Google Guarantee badge
  • Business name
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Business hours
  • Website
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Photos
  • Business highlights, such as specials or deals

Google ranks ads based on several factors, such as customer reviews, complaint history, business hours, and location. To stay highly rated, keep offering the best service possible. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews, and promptly follow up on messages.

Better Local Results

The search results page displays Local Services ads at the top and above other Google ads. Along with the bright Google Guaranteed checkmark, this prime position grabs attention. Google displays your ad when users search on terms related to your business.

This service frees you from having to worry about where to place your ads or which keywords trigger them. Google handles that for you. Whether local HVAC searches are detailed or general, your ad will appear.

These ads work hand in hand with your website SEO. Google makes sure your company's ad appears at the top of search results for relevant searches. If your profile includes your site, then users can easily access it when they click through.

Customer testimonials can be powerful persuaders when people are deciding on a significant purchase, such as HVAC service. Local Search ads showcase your positive reviews and ratings so that users don't have to hunt for them.

When potential customers are on the road or have an HVAC emergency, they may use voice search to find a professional. Google Assistant includes Local Services ads in its responses, increasing your visibility.

How to Join

When you enroll in Local Services ads, you are automatically considered for the Google Guaranteed program. If you become Google Guaranteed, a badge displays in your ad. Potential customers quickly spot which companies participate and which don't.

Businesses must pass a Google Local Services screening and qualification process. Google will verify the license and insurance information you provide. Your company and workers in the field must also pass a free background check.

Program Cost

You can keep Local Services advertising cost-effective by capping your spending. You set an average weekly budget based on the number of desired valid leads, and the system calculates your monthly budget.

Google charges you for each valid lead your ad generates. Although the amount could exceed your weekly budget, it will never surpass your monthly limit. If you think a lead is invalid, you can dispute it and receive credit.

How do you ensure you're only charged for valid leads? Here is how Google defines them:

  • The customer emails or texts you.
  • The customer leaves you a voicemail.
  • You answer a customer call and have a conversation.
  • You miss a customer call without voicemail and respond with a call, text, or email.
  •  A customer requests to book your services.

Your HVAC business has built-in customer demand but also online competition. As a local professional, your job is to connect with potential customers and make the sale. The four lead generators discussed here will help you reach the audience looking for exactly what you offer.

Lead Generator Takeaway:

Your HVAC business has built-in customer demand but also online competition. As a local professional, your job is to connect with potential customers and make the sale. The four lead generators discussed here will help you reach the audience looking for exactly what you offer.

If you are interested in any of these lead generation techniques and want more information, please contact us today to start pulling leads for your company!

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